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General Investigations

Process to answer questions or confirm suspicions.
Surveillance is used in many areas like missing persons, cheating spouses, recurrent theft, worker’s compensations, vandalism, fraud, and criminal investigations. Surveillance can include physical observations, interviews, and the use of technology.

Criminal Investigations

A PI can gather solid and admissible evidence for the defense attorney or the prosecutor. PI’s can find and interview witnesses, gather unbiased facts about a crime, and/or utilize surveillance or records searches to collect evidence. Having this done professionally will ensure you can use the gathered evidence for the court to make sound decisions regarding punishment. Criminal defense attorneys will also hire a PI for clients alleging wrongful convictions and accusations.

Civil Investigations

Civil cases involve two individuals disagreeing on their rights regarding domestic incidents, divorce/child custody, and/or pain, suffering, and damages. A civil attorney will hire a private investigator to investigate financial documents, computer and cell phone activity, GPS, interviews from friends, family, and colleagues, business and public records, as well as evidence gathered by surveillance.

Mitigation Investigations

We are one of a team of experts gathering evidence to advocate for a client that has already been found guilty of a capital murder/crime. Prior to entering the sentencing phase to decide LWOP or Death Penalty, we collect records and interview the people that have been involved in this person’s life. We decipher things like trauma, abuse, substance use, mental health, and/or intellectual disabilities this client may have which hindered their ability to make sound decision.

Workers Compensation

When an employee, and employer, or a health care provider knowingly lies to gain advantage, savings, money, or other benefits provided by worker’s comp insurance. Employees will partake in fraud in many manners like unwitnessed injuries, delays in reporting or seeking medical attention, claiming an injury that happened outside of work, to gain assistance in personal financial needs, making multiple claims, or having an injury at the time of termination.

Background Check

Investigating a persons professional, educational, and personal history to validate their true character. Common areas that are lied about include education and degrees, professional backgrounds and work history, licenses and professional organization memberships, and/or omitting prior grievances or lawsuits by not listing this in their prior experiences.

Corporate Investigation

This is done to protect a corporation or business from wrongdoing committed by management, employees, or third parties. Undercover Investigation allows the private investigator to blend in with employees and investigate misconduct, theft, substance abuse, or harassment. Research Investigation is conducting research on companies that a corporation does business with for acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, venture capital, private equity, and investments.

Fraud Investigation

This investigates misrepresentation with intent to deceive. In corporate settings this can be a costly problem as well as possibly causing serious injury or death.Insurance Fraud involves those that make false claims to receive insurance money or it can be insurance companies that refuse to honor legitimate claims. Corporate Fraud will include theft of information, will possibly compromise customer information, and damage their reputation.

Missing Persons, People Locate, Skip Tracing

People Locate and Skip Tracing is a type of investigation that finds individuals who have skipped out on a legal or financial obligation.
Missing Persons is the ability of a PI to find lost loved ones who have voluntarily disappeared, fugitive, debtors, persons who have been gone a long time and are part of a cold case, runaways and minors that may have been kidnapped, and finding birth parents or birth family members.

Trial Preparation

This allows the PI to gather and prepare raw materials for a court case/hearing to better give the judge and jury a clear understanding of the facts in the case. This can include forensic investigation, private investigation, evidence analysis, preparing witness testimony, creation of investigative reports, and criminal investigations. The PI will work with a client and their attorney to supplement the case with evidence or witnesses.

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